Monday, July 23, 2007

Sarah Le Breton

Outdoor textile canopy - inspired by Honiton lacework.

Working with silver plated wire usually found in the aeronaut industry, Sarah has created a 2.5 metre circular canopy that aims to capture the highly naturalistic style of Honiton lace in a contemporary textile piece.

Formed in crochet, Sarah has drawn inspiration from popular hedgerow flowers and foliage as well as rarer plant and insect species found in the Blackdown Hills. At four times life size, dog roses, honeysuckle, wild strawberries, ferns, bee orchids and the rare marsh fritillary butterfly intertwine.

Sited outdoors, in sunlight the overhead luminescent lace-like patterns play with the relationship between light and shadow on the ground beneath, in effect 'imprinting' the viewer. So as to further explore the sense of atmosphere that the canopied space creates, at night LED lights woven into the flowers and foliage can be illuminated through the use of interactive kinetic power.

Artist Statement

The New Eyes project has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to create my first large scale commissioned textile piece. I hope in this artwork to convey the beauty, intricacy and fragility of Honiton lace using alternative materials and a contemporary approach.

Only after devising and making the various motifs did I realise that I had chosen floral species that flower at the same time, around late May and early June. This seasonal timing has exactly coincided with the birth of my first child and has for me imbued this work with further significance, the celebration of natures’ cycles and creation of life.

My hope is that this New Eyes commission will raise my artist profile and become a springboard for me to show this artwork and other textile pieces in further exhibitions.

Artist Biog

Sarah’s fascination with textiles began at an early age when taught to knit and crochet by her grandmother. After studying Medieval Art theory at Exeter University Sarah rediscovered her passion for creating as well as theorising. Having had no art schooling, Sarah completed an Art Foundation NVQ at Exeter College and subsequently worked within a commercial weaving business in the Blackdown Hills. Later on she gained valuable experience working at Dartington College of Arts where she helped raise awareness of the creative industries in the South West and strived to improve artists’ entrepreneurial skills. In Spring 2006 Sarah decided to launch herself fully into her creative practice. Since then Sarah has been undertaking commissions for her textile, photographic and willow sculpting work. Sarah is currently embarking on making a series of LED lit wire sculptures for indoor and outdoor use.

I would greatly welcome your thoughts on this artwork and any ideas you may have as to where and whom to approach to further exhibit my canopy. Please contact me at or phone 01392 882165. Many thanks!

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