Monday, July 23, 2007

Simon Lee Dicker

Simon Lee Dicker has been commissioned to 'Escape from the Blackdown Hills'. His proposal states that whenever he enters the Blackdown Hills he usually leaves by a different route. Why does he get lost on his way out?

The work he aims to make for this commission will involve working with advanced computer mapping software as he journeys on foot across the Blackdown Hills. GPS will be used as a tracking device.

So far he has identified 'his' centre of the Blackdown Hills and following the eight main points of the compass has escaped twice from this point. The image above summarises his journey south. Below is a detail of his escape North East.

Visit Simon Lee Dicker's 'Lost' blog at

To see images from an unrelated Blackdown Hills workshop Simon Lee Dicker ran in October last year please click here.

Further information about Simon Lee Dicker can be found at the following websites:

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